Olaf Hussein, a denim label raised in Amsterdam.

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Olaf Hussein

a denim label raised in amsterdam

Capsule collection 2013/2014

olaf hussein is a young amsterdam-based denim label with one clear goal: to produce top quality denim that will remain true to its classic styles while simultaneously incorporating new and modern silhouettes. subtle luxury and understated items set the tone for the brand. clean and simple are key elements; design, quality and fit are closely connected. With this clear concept in mind, our aim is to present a collection with a classic look but still has a modern attitude.

Capsule collection 2013/2014

The Raw Selvedge

Whichever method you prefer, we have found that wearing them as often as possible gives the best fades.

Never worn / Worn for one year

Capsule collection 2013/2014

Product overview

olaf hussein capsule collection 2013/2014

raw selvedge

olaf hussein’
signature denim

The heavy
weight selvedge

a modern
5-pocket style

black selvedge

11 oz of

grey selvedge

50 shades
of selvedge

the leather
tote bag

green or indigo
it’s your pick

Capsule collection 2013/2014

Every detail is crucial

olaf hussein capsule collection 2013/2014

Olaf Hussein print pocket bag

We are very much in love with the characteristics of the logo. It captures the true side of the brand whilst still showing why guys still can have fun. This artwork is made by Kim Demåne.

Japanese selvedge denim

All of our fabrics are sourced from the Kuroki Denim Mill in Okayama, Japan. Kuroki has progressed its approach to denim production maintaining its deep roots and remarkable authenticity while at the same time adding to the tradition through constant innovation and pioneering of modern technologies. The unmistakable indigo color is achieved by rope dying with natural indigo, where the yarns are dipped up to 8 times, giving the deep denim tones.


Don't underestimate the power of the rivet. We always use a rivet that would work well with any color of the denim. In the end, they keep the weak points together.


We used a specific thread thickness and color according to part of the jeans, a nod to the way original garments were constructed.

Heavyweight selvedge zipper

The zipper has an old-school feel when you zip it up. The zipper tape from Waldes is made from 100% cotton, so it will fade along with your denim. As an added bonus, the zipper tape has a selvedge running down both sides.


The Italian hand brushed gold button is specially made for us in Italy. It took a long time to find the same color that would match our selvedge zipper. But the end result is remarkable.

Leather patch

The leather patch is handmade by Guild of Holland, they hand stitched the green vegetable tanned leather patch and also hand embossed the logo in the leather patch.


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