For our HIGH SUMMER capsule collection we collaborated with emerging ARTISTS and TALENTS in their early stages, aiming to mutually elevate and empower one another. We aim to showcase various paths, their ambitions and dreams – how did they reach their current positions, and how can they navigate towards their desired DESTINATIONS? What does FRIENDSHIP mean to them and how does it reflect in their everyday lives and decisions? 

Our focus is on highlighting diverse CAREERS, choices, and paths, bringing together two distinct professions and intertwining their JOURNEYS on a shared path to success. We are pleased to introduce to you: Jonathan & Binta, Amaka & Stein, Nathalie & Laëtitia.


Best friends and fashion enthusiasts from Paris who currently navigate their friendship while living in different countries.


A couple sharing a romantic connection. Both living in Amsterdam where he is focused on finishing up his medical degree and she is growing her platform alongside her close group of friends. We asked them about the first time their love transcended words, lessons from their relationship, and how they inspire one another.


Both living in Amsterdam where the first grew up and the second moved to on her own taking a leap of faith in herself. Currently, both are embracing change while building the lives and careers of their dreams. We asked them about the importance of friendship in their lives and the story of how they found, and continue to be there for one another.