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    Sales Representative Job Description

    The sales representative is involved and responsible for the sales process of our brand; from deciding the strategy to filing orders and keeping in close contact with our customers. As a Sales Representative you work closely with the management to decide and work toward set targets and discuss results you achieve with your team.

    You’ll work closely with other colleagues within the company who are responsible for the design and branding like Designers, Productmanagers, Marketing Managers and/or Brand Managers.

    Your tasks entail:

  • Keep up with trends and developments of the market
  • Analysing the market and presenting findings to the team
  • Map out the commercial goal of collections
  • Prepare seasonal and collocational targets, provide to team
  • Determine targets with management
  • Gaining new retail contacts and opening new sales points
  • Feedback to management on seasonal process
  • Managing expectations when results differ from set targets
  • Maintaining and improving relationship management
  • Conducting sales calls
  • Providing retail training